DHL and SF Holding to launch co-branded division in Shanghai

minutes 2019/03/12 04:24:33
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Mar 12, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Global logistics services provider DHL and Chinese courier firm SF Holding have set up a new co-branded division in Shanghai to tackle supply chain distribution in the country.

The new division, SF DHL Supply Chain China will provide solutions for the high-tech, healthcare, automotive and e-commerce sectors among several others.

The new division will also help to bring about new capabilities in the two companies’ supply chain segment through their various synergies and help SF to gain recognition from more multinational companies in terms of its capabilities.

The two companies had agreed to a partnership in October last year when SF Holding offered DHL RMB 5.5 billion to acquire all of its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Beijing as well as its supply chain business on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. The deal does not involve DHL’s international services in China.

In a statement issued by SF then, the target firms had strengths in transport, warehouse management and value-added services for corporate clients and their experience in the automotive, healthcare and hi-tech sectors would help SF to offer new logistics services in areas such as bonded areas, pre-production logistics, dust-free chambers and other special services.

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