Meitu launches AI Open Platform to further monetize its technologies

minutes 2019/04/15 06:12:58
Meitu; AI technologies; Vision and Learning Seminar

Apr 15, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Image processing software company Meitu has recently launched its AI Open Platform at the 2019 Vision and Learning Seminar (VALSE), an academic conference for state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning research.

With this new open AI platform, Meitu will now provide individual developers and enterprises across multiple industries with market proven AI services and solutions.

The launch of the Meitu Open Platform is part of the company’s efforts to monetize its core technological expertise of computer vision, deep learning and computer graphics by providing services to developers and enterprises who are looking to upgrade their AI capabilities.

Currently, the Meitu AI Open Platform offers solution for four major markets across enterprise services, cosmetics retail, smart hardware and internet services by leveraging its years of industry experience and R&D capabilities.

Some of its services include integration with SaaS services via Web API calls, the integration of Meitu’s Mobile SDKs for access to multiple offline features and real-time algorithms, and customized business solutions according to the needs of enterprise clients.

Meitu’s previous partnerships include China Telecom, Sephora, Watsons, Baidu, Lenovo, Alibaba, and Tencent among many others.

Meitu’s MTlab AI solutions has been validated multiple times by the company’s hundreds of millions of users and has even secured top spots in the European Conference on Computer Vision and the International Skin Imaging Collaboration Challenge.

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