Chinese travelers turning away from the US amid trade war

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May 15, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Chinese tourists are travelling less to the US amid an escalating trade war, preferring to travel to more welcoming destinations in Europe according to chief executive officer of Ctrip, Jane Sun.

The US has now slid to the 10th spot among China’s top travel destinations during the October golden week holiday from 5th last year and the 9th most popular travel destination overall from 5th last year, following the ignition of the trade war last year.

The reason being is that Chinese tourist feel more welcome in European countries compare to the US and will prefer to travel to countries that welcome them, in light of the current trade tensions.

China is now the world’s largest outbound travel market in terms of number of travelers and expenditures with Chinese tourists expected to make 160 million overseas trips by 2020, spending over USD 315 billion next year.

One of the largest beneficiaries of Chinese tourism in recent years is Croatia, where hit TV series Game of Thrones was filmed, attracting Chinese fans to the country.

Based on Ctrip’s observations, countries that have easier visa applications, direct flights and hospitability to travelers will turn out as more popular destination. Ctrip in turn has designed its network with this in mind, covering places where Chinese travelers will likely go to.

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