Siemens AG to open research and development center in China

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Siemens AG; MindSphere

May 20, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Siemens AG is planning to open a global software research and development (R&D) center in China to help industrial customers to digitize their manufacturing process as the company looks to capitalize on China’s industrial upgrade and shift towards high-end manufacturing.

The R&D center which will be located in Chengdu city will provide services for its MindSphere digital platform in China using infrastructure from Alibaba Cloud.

Using sensors placed on machinery, MindSphere is designed to be able to understand how equipment failures may occur and helps its users to predict failures before they occur to increase production efficiency.

Currently, MindSphere is already being offered through the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms to customers around the world and the new Chengdu center will help Siemens to bring its services to China.

Siemens now hopes to lure in more developers by signing some big-name clients with nearly 10 corporate clients including Volkswagen AG having sign up onto the digital platform since its launch one and a half years ago.

Siemens which has been traditionally a hardware manufacturer is now increasingly focus on its software business, expecting this segment to grow rapidly over the next few years. Apart from this R&D center, the company is also planning to build its first artificial intelligence lab in Beijing.

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