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Chinese surveillance companies may be next “black-listers”

minutes 2019/05/23 04:16:18
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May 23, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Chinese surveillance companies such as Hikvision and Dahua Technology are now finding themselves in the sights of the US government which is said to be considering placing these companies on a blacklist that would prevent them from purchasing crucial US technologies.

For these companies, the concerns of the US lie in that their products may be used in espionage, with the US government banning federal agencies from purchasing Hikvision and Dahua products last year, citing national security risks.

Public security and surveillance are now major growing markets in China with the Chinese government being one of the largest buyers in the industry. The expansion of the surveillance industry also comes in conjunction with the country’s push towards smart cities, using real-time analytics to improve various aspects of city life such as traffic flows, emergency response times and other municipal services.

According to executives from Hikvision, the current trade war rhetoric is now being used as a means to contain Chinese hi-tech industries in order to ensure its own leading position as the US’s far reaching policies mean that even non-US companies that use US technologies may be barred from supplying to China.

Currently, the US is treating China as a strategic competitor whose technological ambitions pose a threat to them and that the US government may continue pursuing a tech war even if the existing trade dispute is settled.

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