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Didi opens its platform to third-party ride-hailing companies

minutes 2019/06/18 06:22:20
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Jun 18, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Didi Chuxing, China’s dominant ride-hailing company, has now opened its platform for use by rival companies allowing its users to hail cars from third-party service provides as competition to build a super mobility app in the country heats up.

The move by Didi comes in response to rivals Meituan Dianping and AutoNavi which are already offering ride-hailing services from multiple providers on their platform to expand their operations.

Currently, Didi is using Chengdu as a trial pilot project, allowing its users to also book cars from Miaozou, a ride-hailing service offered by online travel agency Tongcheng-Elong.

According to Didi, the two companies had previously worked together for several years to provide airport trips and are now expanding this cooperation to more areas in order to provide customers with faster and more affordable rides.

Didi which aims to become China’s top mobility platform hopes that such partnerships will allow it to improve its services and cut down its response time and actual wait time which are two important gauges to measure customer satisfaction in the sector as it faces more competition.

Just earlier this month, rivals Meituan-Dianping had also launched its own aggregated ride-hailing services in 10 more Chinese cities where users are able to compare offers from providers such as Geely’s Caocao Car and Shouqi before booking a ride on its app.

Similarly, AutoNavi, which is Alibaba’s maps app has also launched its own aggregated ride-hailing services where users can book rides through its app.

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