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Monaco to be the first European country to launch Huawei-built 5G network

minutes 2019/07/10 08:26:53
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Jul 10, 2019 (China Knowledge) - On Tuesday, Monaco unveiled its 5G mobile phone network which is based on technology provided by China’s telecom giant Huawei.

In September, Monaco Telecom reached an agreement with Huawei, making Monaco the first country in Europe fully covered by the 5G network.  With superfast wireless access, 5G mobile networks ensure quicker data transfer speeds. Monaco’s head of Digital Transition has promised that 5G will bring a better quality of life for all and exceptional opportunities.

Monaco Telecom upgraded its network equipment and carried out new measures to improve the security of its systems before the deployment. The roll-out of 5G networks in Monaco is a great opportunity for Huawei to showcase its products and can be seen as an example for other operators and states. Huawei has signed 50 5G contracts globally, including 28 European operators.

Huawei is regarded by the US as a major security risk as the country’s intelligence agencies believe that the company is backed by the Chinese military and its equipment could provide backdoor technologies for the Chinese government to supervise other states.  However, according to the GSM Association, blocking Huawei and ZTE (another Chinese equipment maker) from the launch of 5G in Europe would cost European operators USD 62 bln.

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