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Dec 03, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Today 171 new bonds to be listed for trading, 58 new bonds put up for tender.

14-day pledge-style T-bond on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) rose 9 bp to 2.70%.

Today SSE T-bond index opened higher, up 0.01% at 176.45.

PBoC says the banking system’s liquidity is at reasonably high level,it will not carry out reverse repo, and no reverse repo will come due today.

The opening price of 1-day inter-bank pledge-style repo (DR001) was 2.50%, and the weighted average price of the previous day at 2.2249%. The opening price of the 7-day inter-bank pledge-style repo (DR007) priced at 2.60%,and the weighted average price of previous day was 2.3775%.

T-bond futures were mixed with 10-year major contracts up by 0.04% and 5-year major contracts down by 0.02%.

The yields on the newly printed 10-year CBD bond ‘190215’ was slightly down 0.25bp at 3.6050%.

As of Dec 2, PBC, ICBC, ABC and China Bohai Bank have issued perpetual bonds for RMB 496.6 bln, indicating that banks have accelerated the pace of issuing perpetual bonds.

Grn-Group(603555) announced it failed to pay the "14 Guirenniao" corporate bond of RMB 647 mln on time,which will be suspended on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's electronic platform for fixed-income securities starting from Dec 3, 2019.

China Foreign Exchange Trade System reported, as of Nov, foreign financial investors invested RMB 332.9 bln of bonds, with net purchases up 96.42% MoM.

China Agriculture Development Bank announced it will put up for tender RMB 6 bln fixed-rate bonds tomorrow (4 Dec), with a term of 1 year and 3 years for not more than RMB 3 bln each.

Peking University Founder Group Corp (601901) has announced it did not repay and settle its short-term notes‘011900493’matured on Dec 2. The company claims that it is actively raising funds through various channels to ensure the repayment.

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