Xiaomi teamed up NIO to offer smart driving for future’s Evs

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Mar 17, 2020 (China Knowledge) - With the rapid development of smart technology and driving concept, the traditional car keys may be a perpetual farewell. With radical transformation of auto vehicles with smart features for the incorporation of smart’s phones apps and watches will replace physical key to drive.

Hong Kong-listed Xiaomi (1810) is working with U.S-listed electric vehicle NIO (NIO.N)to launch a wristwatch’s app that can remotely control a car anytime and anywhere. Once the app is downloaded and installed in a watch, it can remote control to view and operate a Nio-made vehicle.

Through this app, users can display vehicle nicknames on their watches, quickly check its operational conditions such as remaining power and other driving information. Its opening or closing of windows, doors and car trunk can be shown intuitively. Even when the pressure of the car’s tire is abnormal, it can provide warning signal timely.

In addition, the driver can also operate the doors, windows, air conditioning remotely. If driver forgets one’s parking lot or could not locate the car. Xiaomi’s Mi watch offers a remote car-locating function, which will trigger continuous honking and flashing lights of the missing car.

All of Nio's models on sale can be matched with Xiaomi watches. In the future, it will support more intelligent functions such as near-field communication (NFC).

Global wearable market report by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows Xiaomi has become the second largest smart wearable brand in the world and ranked first in China last year.

The collaboration between Xiaomi and Nio reflects the important of smart wearable devices in interconnectivity of mobile apps and auto vehicles. It is foreseeable that such smart features and interconnectivity will lay foundation for future of Internet of Things (IoT) of the auto industry.

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