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Shanghai Electric to deliver most advance Dubai 900MW solar power plant

minutes 2020/07/30 01:28:50

Jul 30, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Barely six months after erecting the world’s tallest solar power receiver tower at 220 meters high, the signing ceremony of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park's Phase V 900MW independent power-generation project was recently held. The event was conducted via a video conference with Zheng Jianhua, chairman of Shanghai Electric (601727)(2727), and Mohammed Abunayyan, chairman of ACWA Power, where both e-signed the document.

This project is currently the most advance solar photovoltaic power plant using Shanghai Electric’s proprietary technologies in the Middle East. ACWA Power, private power, and water utility investor headquartered in Saudi Arabia is pleased with the development of the Phase V project that is built with sound cooperation and cordial relationship. At the invitation of ACWA Power, the two parties have joined hands in the competitive bid on the Phase V 900MW power plant’s tender.

In recent years Shanghai Electric has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading of new energy. This project is symbolic and recognized by many industry leaders to be remarkable and a breakthrough in delivering such mega advance new energy plants in a timely manner. It will continue to enhance the branding of Shanghai Electric on new energy in the Middle East and even extend to further market in other regions.

Zheng Jianhua said at the signing ceremony that solar power generation is developing rapidly in the world; and, as one of China's most sought after one-stop energy solution providers, it is well-equipped with advanced technologies and in-depth experience. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Phase IV 700MW together with earlier 250MW capacity has not only established a good cooperative relationship with ACWA Power but has also established a strong foundation for different markets around the world.

The ceremony is undoubtedly a new model of cooperation and mutually beneficial between the two sides. As the largest photovoltaic power station project currently under construction in the UAE, it is bound to be another milestone for Dubai's clean energy development.

ACWA chairman Abunayyan expressed his affirmation that this collaboration marks another milestone between the two sides, and he firmly believes that there could be more successes in the future with Shanghai Electric. Since the commencement of Phase IV in 2018, both sides have been making history and setting new records in terms of project size and technical achievements. These make Shanghai Electric a truly global and trustworthy partner in the new energy.

The next phase will incorporate more hi-tech features from Shanghai Electric that will further exemplify China’s sharing of advanced technological know-how and contribute to the welfare of other countries. The project is also set to become a meaningful showpiece during the World Expo Dubai next year.

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