China UnionPay’s new infrastructure handles 240k transactions per second

minutes 2021/03/01 04:06:19

Mar 01, 2021 (China Knowledge) - The current number of mobile Internet payment users in China has exceeded 850 mln, and account for 86% of mobile Internet users. This huge amount of data is inseparable from a secure and complete payment network. As the largest card issuing organization in the world, the network of China UnionPay has covered 179 countries and regions, issuing more than 9 bln bank cards. In 2020, the amount of UnionPay network transfer transactions exceeded RMB 200 trln.

During the Spring Festival, the amount of online transactions using UnionPay reached RMB 1.38 trln, setting a new record high. With its new infrastructure, at the peak an aggregate of 240,000 transactions can be handled within a second in a safe and stable mode.

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