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Foreign Investments in China’s A-shares Weekly – Mar 1, 2021

minutes 2021/03/01 09:32:32

Mar 01, 2021 (China Knowledge) - China’s A-shares market shows a stark drop of 42.2%, with northbound Stock Connect (from HKEx) saw an outflow of RMB 14.63 bln. The trend reflects foreign investors switching from high-value stocks to A-shares of lower valuations. In Jan, 6,470 transactions were executed, resulting RMB 588.3 bln in trading volume and an average daily turnover of RMB 29.4 bln. The country’s use of foreign capital followed the upward trend from 2020 to reach RMB 91.61 bln in a month, a 4.6% YoY increase.

Among all the industries, Home Appliance, Electronics and F&B industries were the top 3 holdings among foreign investors. The avg daily trading volume of the Northbound Stock Connect (investments fron HKEx) reached RMB 163 bln, up 32.9%; and avg daily trading volume of the Southbound Connect (mainland China to HKEx) totalled RMB 68.4 bln, up 31.6%.

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