Canton Fair opens with record number of exhibits, engages VR and online platforms for foreign buyers

minutes 2021/04/16 05:48:57

Apr 16, 2021 (China Knowledge) - The 129th Canton Fair opened yesterday with a record number of exhibits. More than 2.7 mln exhibits were submitted, 230,000 more than the previous Canton Fair. The fair prepared 60,000 exhibition booths for 26,000 domestic and international exhibitors, with 820,000 new products, 90,000 more than the previous fair.

Photos, videos, 3D and virtual reality (VR) technologies were used for this fair to compensate it being held online, allowing for better user experience. This online fair will boost domestic foreign trading firms in receiving more orders, enhancing the global economic recovery.

The Canton Fair also has the tradition to help poverty-stricken areas by reducing booth fees, helping them save USD 13.21 mln.

The outreach of the Canton Fair is also impressive, with New Zealand having more than 800 buyers participating. Part of this outreach is due to the user-friendly website, as well as the ease of chatting with the supplier through instant messaging.

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