China’s Vivo smartphone overtook Huawei, OPPO to top the list

minutes 2021/04/19 02:30:33

Apr 19, 2021 (China Knowledge) - After Huawei was dethroned from their long-standing top spot due to US restrictions, Chinese smartphone brand Vivo rose to the throne, surpassing fierce competitors OPPO. Vivo rode on the strong sales values of budget model Y3 and S9, jumping ahead of OPPO.

However, Vivo cannot sit too comfortably at the top spot as OPPO is hot on its heels, with the top spot changing hands a couple of times in the past few weeks. OPPO and Vivo are also adopting aggressive market and product strategies to keep their market share.

Vivo’s Flagshop series focus on camera supremacy, with the ‘S’ and ‘U‘ series being more budget friendly. Its model Y attracts consumers as the more budget-friendly option while the iQOO provided for online channels.  

Vivo is also in partnership with Germal optical expert Carl Zeiss, in an attempt to take their camera supremacy up a notch.

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