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Wanfeng's first Diamond DA50 RG crosses the North Atlantic

minutes 2021/07/21 07:52:14

Jul 21, 2021 (China Knowledge) - In early July, Diamond Aircraft, Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel (002085) ‘s subsidiary, announced that the first DA50 RG has successfully crossed the North Atlantic, from Austria to Canada, and landed at its facility in London, Ontario.

DA50 RG uses the reliable 300 HP Continental CD-300 engine. During its development, the Jet-A piston engine was tested in extreme conditions to prepare for real-life scenarios, such as transoceanic flight. It is this type of strenuous testing coupled with technological advances like the single engine power lever that allows the pilot to focus on cockpit management while flying with confidence and ease.

In the same month, DA50 RG has received the 1st place Aerokurier Innovation Award for the second time in a row and the 2021 Fliegermagazin Award as the best new aircraft. It shows that Diamond is setting the right ascents with this aircraft. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for the outstanding combination of the DA50 RG that delivers single engine piston class - retractable gear, the biggest cabin in its class and a sustainable jet-fuel engine together with Diamond’s safety DNA. There is no such aircraft in the market combining these features and creating a new level of perfection.

In addition to these achievements, Wanfeng is also expanding its aircraft manufacturing capacity in China. Its subsidiary Diamond Aircraft (Austria) will establish a wholly owned subsidiary in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The investment in this new project will see an annual output of 220 Diamond aircrafts, including 120 DA50 and 100 HK36. This project is expected to meet the needs of Chinese domestic market growth, further expand market share and enhance the company's overall profitability.

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