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Suzhou Shijing Environmental Technology debuts on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, rose 345%

minutes 2021/07/22 08:01:20

Jul 22, 2021 (China Knowledge) - Suzhou Shijing Environmental Technology (301030) opened at RMB 34 on its first day trading on the Shenzhen ChiNext Market, an increase of 457% from its IPO price of RMB 6.1.

The shares price ended the day at RMB 27.17, soaring 345% from its issue price. Its intraday high and low were RMB 36.1 and RMB 27.13, respectively. A total of 22.7 mln shares changed hands with a turnover of RMB 709.6 mln, and ending the day with a total market capitalization of RMB 3.6 bln.

Suzhou Shijing Environmental Technology reported in its prospectus that the funds raised from the IPO will be used to expand its production capacity, develop online monitoring and environmental big data project, and to supplement its working capital.

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