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CIB Juxing Hybrid Fund opens for subscription today

minutes 2021/09/15 07:12:06

Sep 15, 2021 (China Knowledge) - CIB Juxing Hybrid Fund (012025) is launched today for subscription. The fund is a moderate allocation fund managed by CIB Fund Management Co.,Ltd This fund mainly invests in bonds, the gap between the allocation of bond and stock is generally more than 10%.

Our records show the company is currently managing 79 funds with aggregate AUM of RMB 223.03 bln.

The investment manager La Bo has over 8 years of experience. He has previously developed expertise in mitigating various risks, optimizing fund performance, and has a master's degree. Currently there are 12 funds under his management, totaled RMB 12,297 mln asset under management (AUM).

La seeks to invest the fund mostly in the manufacturing, finance and information transmission, software & information technology services industry. The top holdings in his current portfolio are Gansu Helin Oil Protein Co., Ltd (200303), Agricultural Development Bank of China (190403), China Development Bank (180211), among which the best performing security rose 1.38% over the past 3 months.

CIB Longteng Double Benefit Balance Hybrid Fund (005706) which he manages, since 19 Apr 2018, performed the best recording 17.75% in terms of annualized return, exceeded its peers’ average return. Over the past 6 months, it has realized a total gain of 4.03%.

His other 11 funds are CIB Regular Open Bond Fund (000546), CIB Juying Dynamic Allocation Hybrid Fund (002494), CIB Juxin Dynamic Allocation Hybrid Fund (002498), CIB Regular Open Bond Fund (002507) and so on offer annualized performance from 3% to 8%.

China Knowledge tracks and monitors fund managers’ all historical performance to assess one’s resiliency when handling market volatilities. In this respect La is given a 'B’ rating. This rating means the returns on some his managed funds exceeded the average of similar funds or correspond with market benchmarks. His risk control among all fund managers is average. On resiliency against market volatilities he has made rational decisions, and obtained slightly better returns.  The highest rating for a fund manager is an 'A+’ to subsequent lower order of 'A', 'B', 'C' and the lowest is 'D'.

The subscription for this new fund will close on Sep 24.

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