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Ant financial's AUM surges to RMB 2.2 trln, users soars

minutes 2018/05/16 18:15:59
Alibaba,Ant Financial,Alipay

May 31, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial's asset under management have reached RMB 2.2 trln, of which investment product of Alibaba's payment affiliate Ant Financial, Yu'e Bao AUM formed the bulk at RMB 1.5 trln.

This would make Ant financial the world's largest consumer wealth management platform and Yu'e Bao would rank top in the world for money market fund Ant Financial's current subscribers increase to 622 mln, of which 520 mln come from Alipay, its core payments arm. Ant financial is seeking a USD 10 bln IPO this year at a valuation of USD 150 bln, twice that of Xiaomi's rumored valuation.

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