Alibaba hires tech geniuses to form Pingtouge Semiconductor

minutes 2018/09/21 01:18:41
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Sep 21, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The 2018 Hangzhou Computing Conference kicked off in Hangzhou today. The theme of this year conference is “Empower Digital China.” In the conference, Alibaba announced the establishment of an independent chip company called Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

The new independent chipmaker will partner with Zhongtianwei Microsystems Limited and Damo Academy, and it will form an important and integral part of Ali Cloud’s business.

At present the team of Damo Academy is close to 100 people. Most of its members have experience in world’s renowned chipmakers such as AMD, ARM, Invidia and Intel. Going forward Pingtouge Semiconductor will build a smart networking chip for the automotive, home appliances and many other industries.

‘Alibaba is an enterprise forever driven by new technology and committed to pushing business innovation forward,’ Jack Ma said in the conference. Its goal is to operate independently, with sufficient input and support from Alibaba Group in the early stage. The new venture is expected to become profitable after several years, and eventually be grown and self-finance its business.

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