Baidu and Chinese Science and Technology Museum to develop Museum of Intelligent Science and Technology

minutes 2018/09/21 09:05:54
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Sep 21, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Baidu and Chinese Science and Technology Museum have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing recently. With the help of their respective advantages in technology and resources, the two sides will cooperate in the fields of ‘informationization,’ a popular pitch for scientific education and innovation.

Bilateral cooperation will create a "Museum of Intelligent Science and Technology," so that users can connect to online and offline popular science services with convenience. The museum also promotes the development of information technology in China.

At the signing ceremony, the two sides jointly announced the "AI Science and Technology Museum" and "AI Popular Science Books" two landing products to provide popular science education services for the public.

At the conference, the series of AI popular science book "Crossing China Science and Technology 2000" was also released. This is also the first specific creative product of Baidu Search Co-operation with China Science and Technology Museum to construct the content platform represented by AI Science and Technology Museum.

The popular science book through vivid AR and voice broadcast show many representative exhibits of popular science in order to give readers more intuitive, convenient access to scientific knowledge.

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