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A-shares included in FTSE Russell index, may attract USD 100 bln investment

minutes 2018/09/27 08:27:59
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Sep 27, 2018 (China Knowledge) - FTSE Russell, the world's second-largest index company, has announced today, the inclusion of A-shares in its Global Equity Index System (GEIS), classified as FTSE Emerging Index.

FTSE GEIS is one of the core product Index of FTSE Russell, it contains 46 countries, more than 7,400 stocks of the world. Moreover, the index includes 98% of the global investment market capitalization.

Currently, about 40% of index funds that track global and emerging indices use their compiled indices, while the remainder use the indices from Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI).

It is estimated that the initial inclusion of A-shares will bring about USD 100 billion of potential incremental funds. Besides that, it is expected that the inclusion of A-shares in FTSE Russell index may bring about the same amount of short-term funding as MSCI.

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