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Baidu joins AI alliances PAI with Apple and Amazon

minutes 2018/10/18 09:24:14
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Oct 18, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Chinese leading internet search provider, Baidu <BIDU:NASDAQ> was introduced as the first Chinese member to be on-board the Partnership on AI (PAI), a U.S. AI Research Group, yesterday.

The PAI was established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies in order to benefit people and society. It aims to help advance the public’s understanding of AI, and serve as a platform for discussion and engagement about AI. The partnership seeks to influence people and the society about AI technologies.

Members of these partnership include Apple Inc. <APPL:NASDAQ>,, Inc. <AMZN:NASDAQ> and Facebook <FB:NASDAQ> among others. Members of this partnership are committed to maximise benefits and address potential challenges of AI technologies by working to protect the privacy and security of individuals. They will also participate actively and drive the PAI's work.

Baidu has formed a comprehensive AI ecosystem over the year, and is in the forefront of the AI industry in terms of fundamental technological capability, speed of production and commercialisation. It has seen venture into areas such as autonomous driving, smart assistants and AI platform services.

Baidu's admission represents the start of PAI’s entrance in China, with more global and Chinese members to be added and included into this partnership soon.



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