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Oct 19, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. <BABA:NYSE> has achieved a breakthrough in its development in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company has its AI incorporated in application that will revolutionize the fashion industry and online shopping experience.

The new AI-powered clothing-simulation technology was unveiled at the Shanghai Fashion Week by Alibaba Group’s B2C e-commerce platform T-mall.

This simulation will enhance the shopping experience for users, aligning with Alibaba’s goals of enhancing online-to-offline shopping experiences for consumers. Users can use the application to visualize how a piece of garment will look on them, as they are able to change the measurement of the virtual model displayed on screen, from height and weight to bust, waist and even hip sizes.  

Besides that, users will also see detailed textures of any garment in 360-degree view. The application also allows the users to see how the clothes drape in motion on the virtual model. With this and the measurements in place, the simulator will be able to show where the clothes might be too loose or tight on the body.

This technology will allow shoppers in the future to visualize purchases made online easily, increasing the rate of purchases while reducing the rate of return. Besides benefiting the consumers, Alibaba Group’s 3D modeling solutions will also benefit merchants and designers in the fashion industry.

The company’s 3D modeling solutions will allow designers to create their own virtual samples, shortening the time for a piece of cloth to be recreated virtually. Such tools will also help merchants save time and money, cutting expenses incurred in the product development process by up to 80%.

Technology produced by Alibaba will not only revolutionize the fashion industry but also the e-commerce industry. Alibaba will continue to investe and work on enhancing shopping experiences for consumers in its “FashionAI” project.

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