“Cooperate” not “compete” is Qiangsheng’s mantra as it enters China’s ride-hailing market

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Oct 19, 2018 (China Knowledge) - China’s largest state-owned taxi operator, Qiangsheng Taxi is also looking to take a crack at the country’s ride-hailing market.

The company has released Qiangsheng Bannixing jointly with LSS Financial Leasing and plans to operate in 50 to 100 major cities by next year. The company joins a long line of other companies who have made similar ventures into the ride-hailing market such as automaker Geely, bike-sharer Hello Chuxing and lifestyle services platform Meituan-Dianping.

Unlike previous firms, Qiangsheng Taxi looks to take a different approach to the ride-hailing market by building a standardized management system for vehicles and drivers. The company looks to solve driver related issues such as rest stops, vehicle maintenance and charging as well as roadside rescues and traffic law violations.

The new platform Qiangsheng Smart-E will be providing cars and manpower management to ride-hailing companies. Qiangsheng hopes to be able to form a cooperative relationship with other ride-hailing companies instead of competing with them.

The company currently focus on ride-sharers in the Yangtze River Delta area while LSS Leasing has worked with ride-sharing platforms such as Caocao Zhuanche and Weltmeister Motors. The company also has plans to target freight transport, identifying the sector as a potential gap as most ride-hailing platforms only target passenger transport. 

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