Delivery Company Deppon joins forces with Netease to produce intelligent logistics

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Oct 19, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Recently, logistics and delivery sectors have accelerated application of digital technology into their industrial operations amid digital economy is continuously deepening and transforming all industries.

Delivery company Deppon has signed a strategic deal with Netease Cloud Music, backed by Netease, on Wednesday. Two sides will launch a deep cooperation in logistics and express industry digital aspects, shaping jointly a ‘intelligent logistics’. 

Figures released by both parties suggest China’s logistics industry needs to further reduce cost and lift efficiency. It shows that the total fares of household logistics in 2017 totaled RMB 12.1 trillion, accounting for 14.6% of country’s GDP, a slight decline compared with previous year, but a sharp gap with the global average and developed world.

‘Express delivery sector calls for a strong ‘backbone’ to support the construction of a smart express platform and meet the needs of improving quality, axing costs and increasing efficiency,’ said Wang Yuan, vice president of Netease.

The signing of Deppo Express and NetEase Cloud Music reflects a new trend of upgrading the express activity with the help of Internet technology. Through this agreement the two sides aim to set up a joint laboratory starting from the application system. It will carry on a micro-service transformation to the system of Deppon express fabric and establish an improved DevOps development management flow.

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