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Indian company sues Bytedance for infringement

minutes 2018/11/01 08:29:26
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Nov 01, 2018 (China Knowledge) - India's local social and content app company, Sharechat, has filed a lawsuit alleging infringement of Helo, a social product developed by bytedance. The Bengaluru-based ShareChat has alleged bytedance for practicing AdWords ambush. The company said when a user searches for its app on Google, Bytedance’s Helo app pops up in top search results.

Sharechat is popular in Indian market for supply of contents in several local Indian languages. Founded in 2015, the company claims to have nearly 50 million users. Its latest round of USD 100 million financing was led by Morningside Venture Capital, involving Shunwei Capital.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that bytedance, the operator of Jinri Toutiao, started a new round of financing, with a pre-investment valuation of up to USD 75 billion. The success of the bytedance has even threatened the global Internet giant Facebook. Facebook is introducing a competing product for the Tiktok of the bytedance.

On October 30, the Delhi Supreme Court ordered bytedance to stop using the word "ShareChat" in Google ads. In addition, Google, as one of the defendants in the case, was also asked to ban bytedance on its own platform using "Share-Chat" or any similar words as Helo ads within 48 hours.

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