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Ali health’s turnover up 3.3 times on Singles’ Day

minutes 2018/11/14 04:18:37
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Nov 14, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The data released by Ali health, yesterday, shows that the turnover of the medical service sector increased 3.3 times YoY, while Swisse, BY-health and Bausch+Lomb were promoted to the "RMB 100 million club".

Alibaba, First Business Data Center (CBNData), DT Finance and Economics jointly released a report that the fastest growth in the past five years remained in the pharmaceutical and health industry. This shows that mass consumption is entering a new stage of quality. Consumers focus more on health, home furnishings, cultural consumption and other areas closely related to the quality of life.

In the context of upgrading the quality of health consumer goods, health products from overseas are also popular. At the same time, as an important layout of Ali new health medicine retail, the medical O2O, which links up the online and offline, day and night also sold products throughout the Singles’ day. On Singles’ day, more than 5,000 pharmacies in 82 cities participated in the activity.

As another evidence of the upgrading of the quality of health consumer goods, Ali Health Platform, including physical examination, medical beauty, dental care products, has been heated up sharply. In the first 30 minutes of Singles’ Day, Tmall medical beauty platform’s turnover exceeded last year's full day; in 1 hour and 4 minutes, medical service turnover exceeded last year's full day.

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