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Ali health to launch independent medical service on Alipay

minutes 2018/11/15 09:13:49
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Nov 15, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Ali health has announced, today, that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alipay. Ali health will exclusively establish an independent medical health service channel on the Alipay. It will manage and operate the health industry partners on the platform. At the same time, it will provide users with more comprehensive medical and health services and products on through the introduction of new medical institutions and health service providers.

The cooperation is a strong alliance between Ali health, Ant Financial, and Alipay in the field of medical health services. Ant Financial’s resources will provide favorable conditions for the development of Ali health in the industry. Meanwhile, Ali health will enrich and optimize the medical service arena of Alipay platform by its precipitation and advantages in the medical and health fields. Thus, the mutual cooperation will provide users with high-quality health services.

As the flagship platform of Alibaba's "Double H" strategy in the field of medical health, Ali health operation has gradually built up an ecological system in the area of health and nurtured professional medical health service operation capacity. Alipay has is also committed to make people’s everyday more convenient by providing services through its technological accumulation in the mobile Internet, credit, and biometrics.

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