HK’s MTR incorporates AlipayHK to charge subway fare from passengers

minutes 2018/11/16 04:23:21
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Nov 16, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has announced to provide access to AlipayHK for its passengers, yesterday. After a period of technical debugging, it is estimated that in 2020, residents in Hong Kong will be able to use the AlipayHK to pay subway fare.

The Hong Kong subway is the largest passenger vehicle in Hong Kong, with 5.8 million passengers per day. At present, according to the "Railway 2.0" plan, the MTR is being integrated into the "Smart City" transformation, including the comprehensive upgrading of ticket machines, entry and exit gates and other systems.

In the future, through system upgradation and hardware transformation, AlipayHK’s QR code will be the first to facilitate Hong Kong passengers, so that they can easily cross the gates of more than 90 MTR stations in Hong Kong, just like mainlanders. The fare will be deducted at eh exit point of every metro station. It is reported that in all the countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), 9 local services on the pattern of Alipay, aka local Alipay, have been introduced, and the 1+9 "Alipay" has served more than 900 million people worldwide. Previously, Malaysia has become the second country after China that used mobile phone to sweep code through the gate. Using Touch'n GD electronic wallet to take the subway has become a necessary skill for many young people in Kuala Lumpur. China's self-developed technology is becoming a new force in the progress of global travel facilities.


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