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Beijing E-Town’s Frida Security Tech developed explosion-resistant glass film

minutes 2018/09/11 04:48:55
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Nov 19, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Another innovative enterprise emerged again at Beijing E-Town, and this time it is an enterprise known as Frida Security Technology Co., Ltd (Frida) with explosion-resistant glass material. It is a layer of thin film that when pasted on ordinary glass is able to protect it from shock waves of an explosion. The energy-absorbing fiber with thickness of a few millimeters can withstand the bullet shots of a submachine gun.

Like in a James Bond's movies a person inside the glass with this protective layer is able to shield from the gun shots, and could retaliate while remaining protected from the layer of think film. Such only exists in our imagination, and this is winning Frida Security Technology Company’s the Fourth National Security Exhibition award that integrate civilian innovation for military application.

The company uses reversible protective techniques to change the nature of the protective material and maintain lightweight, strong durability and the reversible process of protective technique. In a 2017 global technology library query confirmed that the company's achievements were non-existence in the past 15 years, it is currently taking the lead in the world.

Currently Frida has produced four remarkable materials; including one-way explosion-proof glass, ultra-high molecular energy-absorbing fiber, poly-yester reinforced paint, bulletproof glass safety film for bulletproof car, and explosion-proof window. These inventions and innovations have won Frida accolade of accreditations from the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission.

One outstanding product performance is Frida’s ultra-high molecular energy-absorbing fiber bulletproof lining plate once applied on a bulletproof glass could shield bullet shots, and applicable numerous products including backpacks, wallets and cars'window. Besides protective purpose other functions include anti-cracking, anti-rolling deformation, anti-collision. It is said that the doors and windows using this material have the same appearance as the two-piece ordinary hollow glass with heat insulation or noise reduction, and the total manufacturing cost is much the same.

It is reported that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Information Security Testing and Certification Center, China Weapons Special Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Academy of Building Research, National Quartz and Safety Glass Testing and Certification Center, Ministry of Public Security Safety and Police Electronic Products Testing Center and other authoritative testing institutions have awarded certifications for Frida's products.

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