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Number of internet users in China over 600 mln: industry report

minutes 2018/11/29 07:26:08
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Nov 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - 2018 Chinese network audio-visual industry research report was released at the 6th China network audio-visual conference, yesterday.

According to the report, as of June 2018, 609 million Internet video users in China accounted for 76% of the total Internet users, with a half-year growth rate of 5.2%. The number of mobile video users has reached 578 million, short video users 594 million, live broadcasting users 425 million, audio users 300 million, and the number of active Internet TV users has reached to 218 million. By the end of September 2018, the cumulative coverage of Internet TV terminals reached 322 million. The scale of users continues to increase, and the industry is booming.

Zhou Jie, deputy secretary-general of China network audiovisual program service association, has said that the application of emerging technologies has led to the overall upgrading of all aspects of the network audio-visual industry. Among them, major network audiovisual enterprises have strengthened their investment in new technologies, which are applied to all levels of program production. Big data technology is applied to relay early warning, membership loss early warning and other fields while VR channel, multi-terminal interactive virtual reality cinema provide virtual reality experience to network video users.

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