33 out of 92 Huawei suppliers are American manufacturers: company report

minutes 2018/11/30 03:11:35
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Nov 30, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Huawei has published, a first time ever, list of company’s 92 core suppliers. Surprisingly, the largest number of Huawei's core suppliers are American manufacturers, 33 to be specific, followed by 22 mainland manufacturers, 11 from Japan and 10 suppliers are from Taiwan. It can be seen that the strength of domestic technology companies has been greatly enhanced, while the whole supply chain system has gradually improved.

From the list of Huawei's suppliers, it is obvious that in today's economic globalization, whether it is the production of mobile phones or operators' base stations and other equipment, it needs the cooperation of the entire industry chain to complete. These suppliers are located in various countries and regions around the world. There is an environment of interdependence and manufacturers and suppliers depends heavily on each other.

In addition, many vendors have overlapping business in many areas, showing a special relationship between enemies and friends. For example, Qualcomm and Huawei are actually competing on mobile chips, but Qualcomm is also part of Huawei's suppliers of mobile chips and baseband. Samsung and Huawei compete fiercely in the mobile field, but Samsung also provides OLED screens and flash memory for Huawei.

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