China issues new guidelines to increase sustainability in logistic businesses

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Dec 18, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The Chinese government has introduced measure to promote sustainable packaging in its logistics industry, as it hopes to curb wastage in an industry that sees millions of deliveries daily.

In a meeting among senior post officials, State Post Bureau Director-General Ma Junsheng said that the logistics industry should promote the development of sustainable packaging in order to lower the carbon footprint of the industry.

Officials came up with a workplan to transform the industry and set up an integrated online government service platform. In addition, guidelines for green packaging were also created.

Postal administrations at all levels should do their part to promote green development through the implementation of tax reduction and incentives. Also, the administration should determine and manage the environmental responsibilities of all parties involved in the industry.

Suggested measures include reducing the use of packaging material in parcels, encouraging more electronic bills and more recycling efforts.

The new guidelines fall in-line with the country’s plan for a cleaner and greener China in the 13th five-year plan, with the government increasing environmental protection efforts, cutting carbon emission and developing cleaner technologies.

These initiatives have now extended to China’s booming logistics industry. Firms such as SF Express and ZTO deliver more than 70,000 parcels per minute according to statistics from the State Post Bureau. Shopping festivals also add significantly to the number of packages with 1.9 billion packages delivered within the 10 days of the double-11 festival.

E-commerce companies have also come up with their own green initiatives. Alibaba’s Cainiao logistics network has “green warehouses” which package parcels with renewable materials and recycling program at delivery points where packaging materials are collected and recycled.

Customers at have the option of using reusable packaging in which boxes will be returned to the delivery man after receiving their item. These boxes can be reused up to 10 times.

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