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DiDi mulls restarting its carpooling services

minutes 2019/07/03 08:15:57
Didi chuxing; hitch services

Jul 03, 2019 (China Knowledge) - DiDi Chuxing, the Uber of China, is considering restarting its controversial carpooling service which was suspended due to 2 passengers' deaths a year ago.

DiDi, the largest ride-hailing platform in China, launched its Hitch service in 2015. It allows private car owners who registered on the DiDi platform to pick up passengers heading towards the same direction, and charges for such rides are much lower than taxi fare and other types of on-demand rides.

Jean Liu, the President of DiDi Chuxing said that the carpooling service can help to lower carbon emission and better meet people's demand for rides. However, the service's merits have been overshadowed safety concerns.

Last year, two young girls were raped and killed in separate incidents involving the company's drivers, which sparked public outrage forcing the company to halt its Hitch services. Since then, DiDi has fired about 306,000 unqualified drivers after reviewing and coming up with new measures to make its on-demand car-hailing service safer.

DiDi has not yet revealed when it will resume its carpooling service, but it will consult the public about how to improve the safety of its service first.

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