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ByteDance launches Toutiao search engine, poses strong challenge to Baidu

minutes 2019/08/13 09:29:19
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Aug 13, 2019 (China Knowledge) - ByteDance has just launched a new search engine named Toutiao Search, which has a clean and tidy home page, and it may pose to be a formidable challenger to dominant China's largest search engine Baidu (BIBU).

Toutiao stated before that it aims to create a general search engine that could bring about a brand-new ideal experience for users but will not immediately extend to mobile search app market.

The new search engine evolved from the previous function of ByteDance's core news app. It has not displayed any sponsored products or advertisements on the search page, but the contents of ByteDance's Toutiao news app will present as the prioritized results for the users. Users type keywords for related news, videos and information.

ByteDance, the creator of popular apps including TikTok, is now not only a news aggregator, but has become a social media giant. It poses challenges to many traditional internet companies in many aspects like messaging and video gaming. 

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