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Shanghai subway to equip with China Telecom’s 5G network

minutes 2019/08/20 06:26:18
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Aug 20, 2019 (China Knowledge) - As part of the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, the city subway will see itself as the first to equip 5G wireless communication network. China Telecom will provide the entire subway network with the 5G coverage.

It is said that three stations including the ones at Hongqiao Railway Station and Zhuguang Road Station, which will serve the subway route to the 2nd CIIE event, will be covered by the 5G network. It is announced that by this November, the full 5G will be made available throughout Shanghai subway network.

Besides the subway, the 5G network coverage will be more extensive compared with its last year’s initial phase when it was only equipped in some pavilions. China Telecom has now built base stations in major venues such as the news center and exhibition halls, allowing 5G live broadcasts in collaboration with Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

Considering 5G features of low latency, high bandwidth and large connection, this technology will provide the upcoming 2nd CIIE with more convenient services. The ultra-high-definition 5G video surveillance in the subway and even in train carriages better protect passenger safety. The 5G can also contribute to the timely and accurate responses of managers by the use of real-time big data passenger traffic analyses.

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