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minutes 2019/09/30 02:31:35

Sep 30, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Today 148 new bonds to be listed for trading.

PBoC to skip Open Market Operations today, a total of RMB 20 bln reverse repo will mature today. 

The total amount of negotiable certificate of deposit issued last week was RMB 285.02 bln, with a MoM increase of 26.17%. Repayment of RMB 257.653 bln was due, a MoM increase of 48.19%; and net financing stood at RMB 27.367 bln.

Ministry of Finance announced that it will issue RMB 10 bln of 182-day book-entry T-bonds on 11 Oct, and start to bear interest from 14 Oct. The last tender is by 14 Oct, and to be listed for trading from 16 Oct. 

This year, there are already 8 banks issued 9 perpetual bonds, with issuance size totaling RMB 410 bln. Meanwhile, under the policy of CBS, organizations are actively taking part in issuing perpetual bonds, oversubscriptions often happen.

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