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Huawei to offer Intelligent Connected Vehicles’ complete solutions for EV

minutes 2019/10/23 09:22:26
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Oct 23, 2019 (China Knowledge) - At the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference (WICV) Summit forum, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei said the company plans to build Mobile Data Center (MDC) for intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) intelligent platform.

Meanwhile, Huawei will take advantage of 4G, 5G and V2X technology to forge intelligent network solutions to complete the connections of vehicles.

Huawei’s Intelligence Connected Vehicle (ICV) solutions include five aspects, namely smart driving, smart cockpit, intelligent network, smart electric and cloud services.

The company will build an intelligent cockpit platform based on in-house developed ‘Kirin’ chip in smartphones and its new operating system known as the Harmony OS. In the future, most hardware and applications of Huawei’s intelligent terminal will be installed in the entire intelligent cockpit.

For the electric power systems platform, it will open to all automotive enterprises where Huawei hopes to solve the performance and cost problems on charging and battery management.

About a year ago Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Audi to develop in-depth cooperation in the fields of ICV fields. Adding this list, this year it announced another partnership with local auto giant BYD.

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