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China’s biotech start-up Hui-Gene Therapeutics raised USD 14 mln Series A financing

minutes 2019/12/03 09:02:03
Biotechnology, Biomedical research, Funding

Dec 03, 2019 (China Knowledge) - China’s biotechnology start-up Hui-Gene Therapeutics has successfully raised RMB 100 mln (USD 14 mln) in its Series A financing round.

Founded in 2018, Hui-Gene Therapeutics focuses in biotechnology services gene editing and biomedical research. The company is currently situated in a 500 sqm gene therapy research and development laboratory, comprising of gene editing technology platforms, AAV technology platforms, disease model animal platforms, and process transformation and production platforms.

Following the successful fundraising, Hui-Gene Therapeutics will use the funds to enhance its biomedical research and development capabilities, as well as establish a drug production facility which adheres to good manufacturing practices. The company will also look to increase its focus on pre-clinical trials, and continue to look into areas such as single-gene disorders.

The latest funding round is led by investment firm CD Capital, pharmaceutical company WuXi AppTec and private equity firm HM Capital.

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