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Shanghai Electric Group's Foreign Investors Rating for Q4 2019 remains unchanged

minutes 2020/01/14 07:08:28
Shanghai Electric Group, FIR Rating

Jan 14, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Shanghai Electric Group (601727) received an 'A' on Foreign Investors Rating for Q4 2019. This rating shows its proportion of foreign investment (FI) was either higher than All A-shares’ or its industry’s average. It has seen positive net growth in FI over the latest 4 quarters.

In terms of foreign institutional investors' (FII) holdings by percentage the company is rated adequate and placed in the lowest 70% tier within its industry. The company’s FIIs fund flows received a medium grade, indicating that funds inflows in the latest two quarters were below industry's average.

Investor relation (IR) management performance is rather inactive as the company received few or no visits from analysts, fund managers, financial media or other financial institutions last year.

As for Chinese news coverage in last 4 quarters, its exposure was good as it received strong news coverage. The company has exercised up-to-date press releases and financial results reporting. About one-fifth of listed companies are in this category. We also track and monitor English news reported on the company based on the number of times its name appears on news titles or publishes on the first paragraph in an article. The company received excellent rating on English media coverage.

Like most developed stock markets, the more a company covered by analysts the stronger the performance of a company’s share price. This also applies to China’s listed companies, for Q4, Shanghai Electric Group obtained a poor rating for analysts’ research coverage in Chinese language and an adequate for English research.

There are 327 (9.62%) companies rated ‘A’ for Q4 2019, up 24.81% QoQ.

This rating provides users a quantitative and qualitative analysis on foreign institutional investors’ trading activities on Shanghai Electric Group. As part of China’s liberalization of its stock markets we also factor in foreign investor relations performance metrics and management interaction with investors. This rating result does not constitute a long/short recommendation.

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