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Ali Health’s new CEO Zhu Shunyan proposes innovation and digitization for future’s development

minutes 2020/03/17 07:17:09

Mar 17, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Ali Health (0241) has just announced Zhu Shunyan appointed as the chief executive officer, executive director and chairman of the board effective from yesterday.

Zhu, a president of innovation business unit of Alibaba group, has rich experience in leading innovative businesses. The new appointment in the health business unit will bring more forefront thinking for the future development of Ali Health and assure a more solid organization.

The company has achieved revenue of RMB 4.1 bln for the first three quarters of 2019, up 119.1% year on year where new retail business accounts for 99.25% of revenues. Ali Health says it will continue to expand its innovative businesses in consumer healthcare, internet healthcare and smart healthcare. The positive result of these is it has begun to receive initial returns in these investments.

As for new investments in future innovation, it is implementing total digitalization across all medical fields across the country.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has cooperated with Alipay, Taobao and other platforms to launch online medical consultation at no fee, and has also promoted "buying medicine without going out" service on Taobao App. In addition, it has provided similar services for overseas clients using Alipay.

Digital technologies such as online diagnosis and treatment are playing an important role in medical field. Accordingly, a new type of infrastructure, digital medical and healthcare services will attract a lot more attention in the long term.

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