2019/08/19 08:40:58
2019/08/19 08:40:58 reported that the average salaries paid by logistics enterprises have increased by 6.6% YoY in 1H 2019.
2019/08/19 08:37:57
Chinese smartphone brands accounted for 42% of the global smartphone market in Q2 2019.
2019/08/19 08:37:39
The Chinese animation movie “NE ZHA” has become the fourth film with its box office surpassing RMB 4 bln in the country.
2019/08/19 08:37:21
Chinese auto-maker NIO holds thousands of patents and has invested nearly three times as much as in R&D as Tesla did in 2018.
2019/08/19 08:36:47
The aviation industry in Jiangxi province is expected to reach RMB 100 bln this year with a continuous growth rate of 20%.
2019/08/19 08:35:58
The registered capital of Tantan increased by about seven times to RMB 10 Mln.
2019/08/19 08:35:33
Bytedance has become the largest shareholder of, with 22.22% holdings in the latter.
2019/08/19 08:34:37
E-commerce platform Wanwu Xinxuan raised USD 20 mln in series B round.
2019/08/19 08:33:56
TikTok’s revenue hit a new record high in July, up 290% YoY.
2019/08/19 08:33:32
In July, Shanghai’s foreign trade increased 4.3% YoY to RMB 294.77 bln.
2019/08/16 10:34:57
2019/08/16 10:34:57
The GDP growth rate in Yangtze River Delta is higher than the average and the rental housing demand in this region increased 41.9% YoY.
2019/08/16 10:34:48
National Development and Reform Commission announced that the consumer price index rose 2.3% on average from January to July.
2019/08/16 10:34:37
Qingyang, Gansu Province has raised more than 5 million meat sheep.
2019/08/16 10:34:18
Mingr reported a net profit in the first half at RMB 72.62 mln, up by 20.66% YoY.
2019/08/16 10:33:33
Ningbo Donly’s net profit booked RMB 70.08 mln in the first half of the year, reversing a loss of RMB 3.147 bln in the same period last year.
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