2019/06/19 08:50:57
2019/06/19 08:50:57
Tencent signed a 5G MoU with ZTE to promote cooperation between the two parties on 5G technology
2019/06/19 08:50:12
Baidu will close its online travel platform in China
2019/06/19 08:49:27
Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi is under tight scrutiny following a Didi driver's hit-and-run incident in Shanghai on Thursday.
2019/06/19 08:47:34
During 618 Shopping Carnival, orders from fourth-tier cities and below surged 108% during the 18 days promotion.
2019/06/19 08:45:47
China’s Fosun RZ Capital leads seed fund raising round for HR software startup Kredily
2019/06/19 08:44:57
Tesla is to revamp its business structure in Asia, focusing on China
2019/06/19 08:12:17
Picture Education, a Chinese edutech startup, completes 5 million pre- series A round funding.
2019/06/19 06:34:05 sets up a tech supply chain company, with registered capital over RMB 70 mln
2019/06/19 06:31:00
Ecmoho, a Chinese online retailer for health products, is reported to list in the US, raising USD 100 mln.
2019/06/19 06:19:09
China's fiscal revenue expands 3.8% YoY to RMB 8.99 trln in the first five months of 2019.
2019/06/19 06:17:37
Total amount of online orders made on June 18,'s 16th anniversary was RMB 201.5 bln.
2019/06/18 09:49:54
2019/06/18 09:49:54
47 private placements were cancelled, and many were suspected of illegal fund-raising and included in a blacklist.
2019/06/18 09:25:19
The price of resale housing properties in Guangzhou fell by 1.3% YoY for the first time in four years.
2019/06/18 09:25:06
Beijing will cancel eight provincial toll stations on highways by the end of the year,
2019/06/18 09:24:50
A survey revealed that nearly 70% of graduates are willing to co-share room to relief the high rent pressure.
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